Experience with Tesla Model S and Trailer Hitch

The Tesla Model S originally has no trailer hitch. It is even not prepared by the manufacturer to have it in the near future. Fortunately, a German retrofit provider offers such a hitch. I visited him and he installed the hitch on my Model S.

Here, I report about the process and my experience with the hitch.


To prepare the installation of a trailer hitch, there are no preparations needed. You just need your vehicle, its registration, and some cash. Misterdotcom offered the installation for me with the following pricing:

  • 1.500,00 € Material
  • 650 € Labor cost
  • 100 € Inspection by TÜV, which is necessary to regain operating license

Overall, the cost was 2.250 € with 300 € to be paid beforehand for an appointment reservation.


The installation of the trailer hitch happens in the garage of the seller, which is in Willich. I arrived at 9 a.m. and handed over the vehicle. The installation took 4 hours to complete.

model s trailer hitch bottom view

After I got some instruction, how to attach and how to detach the hitch. After that, I left for the visit to TÜV. Luckily, it is right around the corner and the employee there immediately had time for me.

He lifted the car and made some photos of the installation itself.

It took about one week after I received the certification to update my operating license.

Driving Model S with a Trailer

So, how is it to drive the Model S with an attached Trailer? Well, you don’t really recognize the trailer and its additional load. Although, I’m really curious about how energy consumption will react.

Until now, I was only able to use it on private property, but as soon as I can drive with a trailer for real, I will share my experience!

Some other german Model S drivers already have some experience, for more information and discussion, visit the TFF Forum.

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