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Agile Roles: What is a Product Owner in SAFe?

Most recently, I was creating my first YouTube video, explaining what a Product Owner in a Scaled Agile Framework is doing!

The role of the Product Owner (PO) is a very important one in the SCRUM framework and also in SAFe environments.

The Video is in German, but you can use subtitles and have them

The questions I am answering are:

  • What is the core task of a product owner (PO)?
  • What are typical interfaces of the product owner (PO)?
  • What would happen if you don’t have a Product Owner (PO)?
  • What should a good product owner (PO) bring to the table? What are skills that are important?
  • What do you enjoy most about your Product Owners (PO) tasks?
  • What was the biggest challenge as a Product Owner (PO) and how did you solve it?
  • Extra question: How is a traditional project manager different from a product owner (PO)?
  • What would you recommend someone to do if they want to develop Product Owners (PO)?

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Product Owner in a Scaled Agile Framework

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Agility in the Automotive Industry – Device vs. Digital Product

The mid-90’s era saw an eruption of methodology which intended to transform all sort of development processes. Its primary goal is to improve collaboration amongst different teams, improve communication, and subsequently resulting in customer-oriented as well as high-quality products. This innovative development model is known as Agile Development/ Agility. Its most important aspect is that it is equally relevant to all sorts of software as well as hardware related ventures. Agile development involves short development iterative approach to solve the existing development problems. It includes cross-functional and self-organized teams to establish better collaboration and communication. Furthermore, it involves frequent and high-end customer feedback to design and manufacture customer-oriented products.

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