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Remote PI Planning in Scaled SCRUM Setups

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the norms of society. From dining habits to working culture, everything has been changed. It is just a 400nm virus that caused all these changes. The word “remote working or working from home”, which we keep on hearing, again and again, was the sort of offensive in the past. But with the eruption of COVID-19, every business, whether small or big, has shifted towards remote working.

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Agile public crisis management – is it possible?

It is a debatable topic to explore agile in terms of public crisis management. It is easy to comprehend that agile management and public crisis management have at least one thing in common that they are mostly used in situations with low predictability of future events. But, it also raises the following questions:
Is there anything else they have in common?
Could crisis managers learn from agile management principles?

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