Agile Leadership during Corona crisis

The current Crisis around Corona brings challenges to all of us. During restrictions in our private life (free time, sports, availability of groceries), we can also see changes in our business lives. One important question is how to perform agile leadership during this crisis.

The producing industry has problems to receive their resources and need to shut down their plants.

For IT companies, luckily, this crisis is a little bit more mild. They can send their employees to their home office, where most of them already work regularly on Fridays.

But what does it mean for Leadership? How do we lead our Teams, if we cannot see them in person? Can we compensate the minor probability of communication somehow?

Usually Less Communication in Home Office

Communication with your team in home office mostly means, that you call them using your cell phone or using a conference solution (MS Teams, Skype, WebEx,…).

Although this works quite well, the probability that team members talk to each other, decreases with increasing distance between them.

Rather than finding that the probability of telephone communication increases with distances, as face-to-face probability decays, our data show a decay in the use of all communication media with distance (following a near field rise).

Thomas Allen (MIT)

So, to keep your productivity high, you should keep following in mind:

If you wonder, how to setup your SCRUM team remotely, you should follow the actions on REMOTE-SCRUM!

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