Agility in the Automotive Industry – Device vs. Digital Product

The mid-90’s era saw an eruption of methodology which intended to transform all sort of development processes. Its primary goal is to improve collaboration amongst different teams, improve communication, and subsequently resulting in customer-oriented as well as high-quality products. This innovative development model is known as Agile Development/ Agility. Its most important aspect is that it is equally relevant to all sorts of software as well as hardware related ventures. Agile development involves short development iterative approach to solve the existing development problems. It includes cross-functional and self-organized teams to establish better collaboration and communication. Furthermore, it involves frequent and high-end customer feedback to design and manufacture customer-oriented products.

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Agile public crisis management – is it possible?

It is a debatable topic to explore agile in terms of public crisis management. It is easy to comprehend that agile management and public crisis management have at least one thing in common that they are mostly used in situations with low predictability of future events. But, it also raises the following questions:
Is there anything else they have in common?
Could crisis managers learn from agile management principles?

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How to get the perfect exposure for every photo?

With the huge progress of digital media, people are now moving towards digital mediums to market their products. Not only have they proved to be beneficial from the commercial perspective, but the domestic perspective is also quite bright. Furthermore, with the more usage of digital mediums like Instagram, photography has more or less become a type of leisure as well as freelance activity. According to the different statistics, a total of about 1.42 trillion photos were taken in 2019. There are projections that; there will be 1.43 trillion photos that will be taken in 2020. There is no doubt in admitting the fact that not every photographer can take a perfect photo, as only a few of them know how to click a perfect picture. While picture techniques vary, it has been noted that perfect exposure plays a major role in clicking a splendid picture.

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#RemoteScrum – Big Room Events

How can big room events be organized in a way they will be working remote aswell? What problems might occur and how can they be solved? This topic is currently really up-to-date, see Agile Leadership during Corona Crisis. In this #remotescrum workshop session, we will discuss these questions in break-out-sessions for exemplary situations.

When? Di, 21.04.2020, 16:15 (CEST) – Di, 21.04.2020, 17:45 (CEST)
Where? Online-Session (sign up for the event on xing to receive the invitation)


This workshop will be held in german!

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Hydrogen Cars vs Electric Cars: Which is more sustainable?

With the passage of time, the automobile industry has experienced a major phase shift. From the era of steam engines, we are nowadays talking about electric cars. The story does not stop on just discussing the applications and implications of electric cars, as hydrogen cars have also made their entry. Nowadays, comparison dynamics have changed a lot. Due to the massive competition in the automobile sector, any new technology will not be tested solely on its application. Instead,certain other factors such as fueling mode, efficiency, passenger capacity, type of engine, and extent of infotainment will also play a major role. However, due to the growing environmental implications and with more voices in favor of a sustainable and green environment, carbon footprints are also going to play a major role in deciding for the best option.

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All you need to know about Electromobility

Given the current ecological and environmental implications, there is no doubt in the admission of the fact that we need to cut down our CO2 emissions. With the technological as well as economic development, our lifestyle has improved a lot. But with all these advancements, we are putting the safety of our planet at risk. In a nutshell, climate change, air pollution and oil shortage, demand for taking bold steps. Nevertheless, future mobility needs to be made completely CO2 neutral to reduce the major portion of air pollution.

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Electromobility In Europe – Top Trends to Watch in 2020

The transport sector is considered as the main contributor to CO2 emissions. Out of many damages of these CO2 emissions, depletion of the ozone layer is the most imperial one. The main concern is the growing global concern of global warming. The whole of the world is investing in ways to reduce their carbon emissions. However, Europe seems to take the lead in all these initiatives. This couldn’t have been possible without amending the current mobility trends.

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